billymeier吧(Billy Meier-昴宿星人第213次接触节选)

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Billy Meier与昴宿星人第213次接触发生在1986年12月2日,星期二。这次会谈中,昴宿星人Quetzal提前10年预言戴安娜王妃婚姻与死亡…现在2020年回头再看看,准确率真令人毛骨悚然。

billymeier吧(Billy Meier-昴宿星人第213次接触节选)


Good. In your remarks, you explained different things that you first mentioned recently. But how does it stand with the fact that in the coming time, something happens that will actually move the whole world? Will something actually occur as such or will everything remain the same as everyday life, which the Earth people have already faced and have already been accustomed to for so long, whereby they are indifferent toward all events relating to this? Most people have become largely indifferent towards all misfortune, towards war, murder, torture, dictatorship, and crime, etc., so something special would already have to happen to pull them out of their lethargy. So the question is whether something will happen in the coming time, such that it arouses something in the people, even if it may only be for a short time or for a moment? 好。在你的谈话中,你解释了不同的事情,那些你最近首次提到的。但是在未来又是什么回事,有一些事实上会推动整个世界的事情发生吗?会有一些事情实际上这样出现?抑或一切如常保持不变,其中地球人已经遇到并已经习惯如此之久,由此他们对所有有关的事件都无动于衷?大多数人对所有不幸都已变得漠不关心,对战争、谋杀、酷刑、独裁以及犯罪等,所以一些特别的东西会发生,把他们从他们的昏睡中拉出来。所以问题是在未来会否有一些东西会出现,以使其在人们内里唤醒一些东西,哪怕可能只有很短的时间或一会儿?


109. According to our predictions, that will actually be the case; the marriage between the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana will end in divorce in August of 1996.

109. 根据我们的预测,实际上将会是这个情况;英国王位继承人之间的婚姻, Charles王子与Diana王妃(注:查尔斯王子与戴安娜王妃)会在1996年8月以离婚告终。

110. In this respect, at least about the fact that this marriage won’t be good, Semjase already reported to you at the beginning of the eighties.

110. 在这方面,至少关于这个事实,也就是婚姻不会很好,Semjase在80年代初已经给你报告了。

111. But this won’t be the actual world-moving event that you asked for, but I think that the aforesaid and what is yet to be said will contribute to the event because after the divorce, Princess Diana will lead a rather eventful life, will newly fall in love, and will die with her lover by a heavy traffic accident.

111. 但是,此事不会是你所问到的真正推动世界的事件,但我认为上述的以及有什么尚要说的都会推动这件事,因为离婚后,Diana王妃会带来相当忙碌的生活,将会重新坠入爱河,并会与她的爱人死于一次严重的交通意外。

112. This will happen on the 31st of August in Paris.

112. 这将于8月31日发生在巴黎。

113. At 12:35 AM, the vehicle - which will be driven by an ordered driver, with Diana and her lover, Emad al-Fayed, who is called “Dodi” - will come to a road tunnel at the River Seine at very high speed and will skid and crash into a concrete pillar.

113. 在凌晨12:35,该汽车──将会由一个安排好的司机驾驶,与Diana和她的爱人一起,Emad al-Fayed,他被称为「Dodi」──将会以极高的速度来到Seine河的一条行车隧道,并会打滑且撞向混凝土支柱。

114. Al-Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, will die immediately, while the then 36-year old Princess Diana, who will be critically injured, will be admitted to the hospital and will die shortly before four o'clock in the morning.

114. Al-Fayed和司机Henri Paul将会立即死亡,而随后36岁的Diana王妃,她将会受到重伤,将会被送进医院,而且会很快就在清晨四点前死去。

115. The bodyguard will be the only one in the car with his seat belt buckled, which will lead to the fact that he – though badly injured – will survive.

115. 保镖将是唯一一个在车上扣上安全带的,这会导致一个事实,也就是他──虽然受了重伤──将会存活下来。

116. A combination of different factors will lead to the disaster, namely that on the one hand, the driver, Henri Paul, will be under the influence of drugs and alcohol and will drive the vehicle at around 200 kilometers per hour on the road and through the tunnel, and on the other hand, what will also play a role is that Diana, along with her lover, will try to escape in the armored Mercedes 280S from the obtrusive paparazzi, who will bother her and pursue her on their motorcycles.

116. 不同因素结合将会导致这场灾难,也就是说一方面,那名司机Henri Paul,将会受药物和酒精影响下以约200公里的时速在路上驾驶汽车并穿过隧道,而在另一方面,有什么同样起到一定作用的是Diana与她的爱人将会尝试在装甲的Mercedes 280S(注:汽车型号)中摆脱侵扰人的狗仔队,他们会在他们的摩托车上打扰她并追赶她。

117. Another vehicle that will be in the tunnel will be another cause of the accident because through a sideswipe of the same by Diana’s Mercedes, the actual catapult process will be triggered. 117. 另一辆将会在隧道中的汽车是意外的另一个原因,因为与Diana的Mercedes擦边撞击,实际上的弹射过程将(注:catapult process)会被引发。

118. Nevertheless, a clarification of this process won’t take place, so the actual circumstances of the event won’t be clarified by the police and specialists because even the other vehicle of a white color won’t be able to be found. 118. 尽管如此,这个过程的澄清不会发生,所以事件的实际情况将不会由警察和专家予以澄清,因为即使是另一辆白色的车也不会被找到。(注:应该是上述那辆)

119. This will be the event, to which the entire world public will respond with dismay and sadness.

119. 这就是这件事,对此整个世界的公众将会以不舍和悲伤作出响应。

120. On the 6th of September, the world will then take leave of Princess Diana, when a memorial service is held for her in England at London’s Westminster Abbey. 120. 在9月6日,世界将随后向Diana王妃告别,那时在英国伦敦的Westminster Abbey(注:西敏寺/威斯敏斯特教堂)会为她举行一场追悼会。

(See newspaper reports: Semjase Block 4, pages 72-76) (见报纸报导:Semjase卷4,72-76页)


Then another question: with us, the view prevails with the Earth people that descendants would have to follow in the footsteps of their parents, usually in those of the fathers. By this, I mean that, for example, a son – or several sons, if there are several of these – would take on the same occupation of his father, or – if one or another exists – would take over his company or business and continue it on. How is this with you; do the same views exist with you? 然后另外一个问题:关于我们,关于地球人那种后代不得不跟随父母脚步的盛行观点,通常在那些父亲当中。由此,我的意思是,例如,一个儿子──或者几个儿子,如果有几个的话──会采取与他父亲相同的职业,或者──如果一个或另一个存在的话──将接管他的公司或生意并延续它。对此你们是怎样的;你们有同样的观点存在吗?


121. No, that is not the case.

121. 没有,情况并非如此。

122. All descendants are entirely free in their choice of activity, so there is never a desire that children must perform the same activity, etc. as their parents, neither in relation to the father nor mother and, thus, neither a son nor a daughter.

122. 所有后代在他们行动的选择中都完全自由,所以从来没有一个孩子必须履行与他们父母相同的行动等的愿望,无论关于父亲还是母亲,因此,无论是儿子还是女儿。

123. So for example, parents can be an Ischwisch and/or Ischrisch, while a son of theirs learns a simple craft, as this can also be the case for a daughter.

123. 所以,举例,父母可以是Ischwisch和/或Ischrisch(注:智慧之王/女王),而一个他们的儿子只会一门简单的工艺,正如这也可以是一个女儿的情况一样。

124. Parents always only play an advisory role with their descendants, but it is never insisted by them that the descendants would have to turn to a specific activity, etc.

124. 父母对于他们的子女总是只扮演咨询的角色,但他们永远不会坚持子女必须转向一个特定的行动等。

125. And before you ask:

125. 还有在你发问之前:

126. This also has reference to the choice of a partner as well as to the education of the descendants and, of course, also to the home of choice, etc. 126. 这也涉及子女的伴侣选择以及教育,当然,还有住所的选择等。